ICMMA appoint new Legislative Expert for UK Government affairs and lobbying

ICMMA & EU-nited LogosEUnited have recently asserted the value of ICMMA and off the back of this a new ICMMA Legislative Expert has been appointed to lead on the UK Government affairs and lobbying activity on the behalf of ICMMA Members. ICMMA is now well placed to facilitate communication with many relevant UK Government departments, necessary for ensuring an additional vote in the right direction at an EU level.

EUnited will continue to support ICMMA by reporting into Technical Meetings but the focus will largely be on UK activity which will be led by Charalambos Freed who, following his appointment to Nilfisk next month, will take up company membership of ICMMA and the role of ICMMA Legislative Expert.

EUnited releases ICMMA statement:

EUnited “Through collaboration with ICMMA, EUnited Cleaning is able to discuss different upcoming changes in European Regulations and work out a position towards the EU. For example ICMMA can participate at the Expert Forum of DECC, and other stakeholder groups, where they can present their technical feedback which is worked out in collaboration with EUnited Cleaning. ICMMA can and has accessed and influenced the UK Government in matters relating to commercial cleaning machinery. Furthermore, ICMMA can formulate position papers which are sent again to UK representatives of the Government on different issues whether matters of consultation or legislation. Thus helping to ensure that UK industry have a unified voice with which to argue with Government e.g. in the case of WEEE, RoHS or energy label requirements.”

ICMMA takes up its seat at EUnited’s Panel of National Associations for the first time today.