Technical Papers

001 – Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines: Recommendations for In-Service Safety Testing

002 – ICMMA and CE Marking: Frequently Asked Questions by Cleaning Machine Manufacturers, Distributors and Their Customers

003 – Recommendations for the Refurbishment of Cleaning Machines

004 – Code of Practice for Provision of Spares and Service for Industrial Cleaning Machines

005 – Guidelines for the Safe Use of Pedestrian Operated Industrial Rotary Floor Cleaning Machines

006 – ICMMA Guide to ATEX: Employers’ Legal Duties

007 – International Code of Practice: Performance of Walk-Behind and Ride-On Scrubber Dryers

008 – Performance of Walk-Behind and Ride-On Sweepers

009 – A Guide to the Selection of Vacuum Cleaners

010 – A Guide to the Selection of Rotary Floor Cleaning Machines (Single Disk Type)

011 – Guidance Notes for the Purchase of Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Machines

012 – Risk Assessment: Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Machines

014 – Code of Practice for the Training of Operators and the Safe Operation of Ride-on and Pedestrian Operated Cleaning Equipment