ICMMA is a non-partisan body representing the broad interest of its members by:

  • Providing a focus for general enquiries about availability of industrial/commercial cleaning machines for specific cleaning tasks.
  • Providing a forum for members to discuss commercial and technical matters of common interest so that the Machine Manufacturing Industry has a ‘view’ in the wider forum, affecting the industry.
  • Co-ordinating a Technical Panel of its members so creating the opportunities to input BSI/International Standards discussion and to take up initiatives of its own in creating base Performance Standards that users have a right to expect from members.
  • Being represented on the organising Executive Board of the bi-annual British Cleaning Industry Exhibition. This allows the Association to participate in the planning, layout and development of the major events.
  • Members are also entitled to a 10% discount on standard Stand Space charges.
  • Having a delegate, and so a viewpoint, on the Health and Safety Executive Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum and the HSE’s Construction Dust Partnership.
  • Enjoying membership of ISSA including their networking and sponsorship opportunities with their Cleaning and Facilities Management members.
  • Enjoying membership of the British Cleaning Council giving it access to promote itself through the Industry Journal ‘The Voice’ and allowing it access to the BCC’s initiatives and projects.

The Technical Committee of ICMMA currently meets 2 or 3 times a year and these meetings may be called ad-hoc if, and when, significant issues arise. Above all, ICMMA is a vehicle through which the general interest of Machine Manufacturers can be promoted to the overall benefit of the membership and the Cleaning Industry as a whole.

As a non-partisan body, ICMMA is seen to be the body through which General Agencies can work in the promotion of specific Government objectives.


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