Fimap leads Young Cleaning Professionals Seminar at Interclean

Nicola at ISSANicola Flores, FIMAP Project Manager leading on FLOBOT, presents ‘Robotic developments to meet facility needs’ with Gabriele Cesari, Director at Manutencoop.

FIMAP were invited at ISSA/INTERCLEAN as guest speakers for 2 sessions about the new Robot project FLOBOT. Nicola Flores, Project Manager, also led an informal meeting about the future of robotics in the cleaning industry to RAI Young Cleaning Professionals.

Robert Stelling, Product Manager at RAI said ‘Nicola spoke about the FLOBOT project and led discussion around robotics and their future in the industry with the Young Cleaning Professionals.’

‘The aim of the session was to give the young professionals opportunities to expand their professional horizon and learn directly from the players in the market who can set innovation and pave the way for future trends.’

The Flobot project aims to create an autonomous, robotized, professional scrubber dryer. The project is supported by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020-ICT-2014-1, Grant agreement no: 645376). For this purpose a consortium was created, involving not only universities and research centres but also end users and facility service companies.

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