ISSA appoints new ICMMA Representative to the British Cleaning Council

Andrew Dunning, UK Distribution Manager for Numatic International has been appointed by ISSA as ICMMA’s British Cleaning Council (BCC) representative to fill the role recently vacated by Kevin Day, UK and Eire Country Manager for Fimap Spa.  Andrew will take up the role with effect from the next meeting taking place at the end of September 2016.


Andrew Dunning

On behalf of everyone who has been involved with ICMMA, we would like to thank Kevin Day for fulfilling the role of BCC and BCC(E) Representative for ICMMA and for reliably and regularly attending meetings at his own company’s time and expense and reporting back.

Speaking about the appointment Dianna Steinbach, ISSA’s Director for EMEA said “Andrew’s skill set, cleaning industry knowledge and long standing relationships make him a great fit to fill Kevin Day’s shoes as the BCC representative. Andrew will serve ICMMA’s members interests well, ensuring that ICMMA’s stake in the Council is well positioned to generate and respond to opportunities that membership of the BCC presents.”

Andrew said “I am very much looking forward to returning to the BCC, working with long standing associates and making new ones to represent and encapsulate ICMMA’s members’ interests in collaboration with the wider cleaning industry.”

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